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Re: Deficiencies in Debian

There is a Debian core who have the powers you refer to.  They are VERY
judicious in their use of them.  That is as it should be.  The people that
get the real work done stay out of the limelight, so they don't get
bombarded and harassed when something breaks.  Even most developers don't
know who the true "power" behind Debian is.  I leave it as an excersize to
the reader to figure out who the true powers behind Debian are.

However, because of the way things are structured, it won't do you much
good to find out.  The reason the leadership doesn't come to our attention
much is because they make things run so smoothly.  Don't fuck with that.
Don't mess with them.  Trying to use them as weak points to push through
your own policies will only delay them in getting work done, and raise their
frustration levels.  It is NOT a way for you to "get your own way" over the
general concensus of the Debian project.

On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Chris Rutter wrote:
> Sorry; this is an ultimately dumb newbie question, but... who *is*
> in charge?  I see lots of developers talking amongst themselves,
> but where is the central team who tell the developers what to do?
> Where's Ian Murdock?  What happened to Ian Jackson (who wrote many
> of the manuals)?

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