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Re: New QMail discussion list.

Jon Marler <jmarler@planetsites.com> writes:
> I have started a new qmail discussion list.  The purpose of the list
> is to discuss using QMail as the primary MTA with Debian.

If I read you correctly---if, in other words, you mean to discuss
distributing qmail as the recommended, default (which is what I think
of when I read "primary") MTA for debian---give up now.

The distribution conditions djb imposes on the software consign it to
non-free, and the distribution will never depend on non-free software
as a primary component.  Ever.

If you mean something else you might want to clarify, because I
suspect a lot of people who might be interested in whatever you're
really talking about might dismiss your prior statement out of hand,
since it's obviously impossible.


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