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New QMail discussion list.

I have started a new qmail discussion list.  The purpose of the list is to
discuss using QMail as the primary MTA with Debian.

I am currently the official maintainer for qmail-src, ucspi-tcp-src, and
rblsmtpd-src.  I have been doing a good amount of dialog with other QMail
users that would be valuable to have in a discussion list, and a list

An ISP in Dallas, TX named Planetsites has donated the use of one of their
Debian servers for this list.  Their homepage can be found at

This list is an ezmlm managed list (but of course).  To subscribe, send a
blank email to qmail-subscribe@planetsites.com

I have compiled a text only version of the publicly available QMail FAQ
that can be reached by sending a blank e-mail to qmail-faq@planetsites.com

I have also enabled archiving, indexing, and digesting for this list.
Posts to this list have been limited to subscribers only to reduce the
amount of spam to a minimum.  ( Spam control is a topic I hope to be
discussing on the list. )

I welcome all to join this list.  You don't have to be a Debian user, but
our focus will be primarily with Debian.



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