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Kernel compilation and gcc272


I've been playing a little bit lately with kernel, and kernel patches
(uploaded packaged kdb patch yesterday), and this gave me the idea of
trying to solve the gcc-2.95/gcc-2.7.2 problem.

The main concern I have, is that I rarely ever use kernel-source
package.  Having a slow PPP link, I just get offical patches to
upgrade from one stable kernel to the next.

I suspect many others do the same, and I believe the following
proposal solves this problem, as well as all others I know of
(... which may well be _not_all_ known problems, but that's a start)

Proposed solution:

* Include in a kernel-patch-2.2.x-i386 package a patch changing gcc to

* Make this patchso that it properly applies to all 2.2.x kernel (I
think it's possible, this part of the Makefile rarely changing)

* Make this package Important/Required to be sure people don't miss it.

This will have the following benefits:

- as stated above, people will be able (think of after potato release)
to get a brand new stock kernel, and compile it using Manoj's
kernel-package, using:

$ PATCH_THE_KERNEL=YES make-kpkg kernel_image

- this may not (but I'm not so sure here) affect cross-compilation,
because applying the patch is still conditional.  (see Raul's
objection to simply patch the kernel-source package at

[please CC: me while answering, I only occasionally read deb-dev in
list archives]

Yann Dirson <dirson@debian.org>

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