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Re: Lxdoom, ability to package, copyright

On Mon, Sep 06, 1999 at 04:13:59AM -0400, Joe Drew wrote:
> The sticking point, you can se, is 'Distribute for money or any other
> consideration.', which clashes with Debian's need to be distributed
> for copying costs. 
> And then, further down...
> 4.      Copyright.  The Software and all copyrights related thereto
> [...]  are owned by ID and is protected by United States  copyright 
> laws and international treaty provisions.
> Id shall retain exclusive ownership and copyright in and to the
> Software. [...] You must treat the Software like any other 
> copyrighted material. You may not otherwise reproduce, copy or 
> disclose to others, in whole or in any part, the Software.  You 
> may not copy the written materials accompanying the Software.
> [...]
> This is undoubtedly the worst part. Legally, by downloading the
> archive which contained that license, I was violating id's
> license.

It's all bad to wrose.  I'm pretty sure iD would be happy to fix the
license if we show them there's more than a couple people who still care,
enough to make it worth the effort.

> > NONE of the doom ports can be packaged until such time as the issues are
> > resolved WRT the original xdoom source license.  If that happens it's
> > perfectly acceptable to put doom in contrib or if you can come up with a
> > free iwad (new textures, new levels, new sounds, new everything) you could
> > actually put it in main.  
> Assuming that the new license that id gives us qualifies as Free, which
> I doubt would happen. I'm going to e-mail Carmack either way, though.

I'll drop him another email---and Zoid too, it's time to harass Zoid again
about Quake linked with libGL.so.1, a new Mesa, or both anyway.

> > Still, it all comes back to the license iD has given us, which makes every
> > single doom port out there a Copyright violation.  =<  If you can convince
> > the people at iD to notice you long enough to get them to fix it, all
> > would be nifty---you can package lxdoom and I'll package lindosdoom.  =>
> What I'm wondering about is how that will work. id can't change licenses
> retro-actively - however, in lxdoom, it's referenced as follows:

Change, no.  Offer under different terms additionally, sure they can.
They own full Copyright after all.

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