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ITP: thttpd

Hello all Debian developpers, 

I want to make "thttpd" package.

Thttpd's copyright is ``AS IS'' written by Jef Poskanzer.
Thttpd is tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server.
This is very simple, fast, secure HTTP server.
I think it is enough to replace simple HTTP servers powerd by like an apache.
And I want to use thttpd all my debian hosts.

Anybody has made?

ARAKI Yasuhiro (yasu@debian.or.jp)

p.s.  I am a member of Debian JP project for 2 years. 
      I made and release a few packages -- kcc, fff, donkey and so on.
      I had sent mail to join the "Debian project member" for upload them.
      I hope to join me.

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