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Re: Senseless Bickering and Overpoliticization

On Thu, Sep 02, 1999 at 10:05:22PM +0000, Zygo Blaxell wrote:
> Each time a new "level 0" distribution is released, the "level 1"
> packages are built on top of it.  These are packages that immediately
> depend on the level 0 packages:  X toolkits, applications that depend
> on only the libraries in base, scripting languages and miscellaneous
> libraries.  They release M months after the "level 0" distribution
> is released.

And when level 3 stuff is released level 0 stuff is more than 6 months old

I think having groups would be a good idea, with someone at the head of each
group that try to fix problems like the /usr/doc/ thing.

> This means that it takes a year or so to get out a distribution, but we
> can have several distributions in the pipeline, so there's a new distro
> for end users every few months, instead of every year or so.  "Yes, they're
> all a year old, but that's OK, we provide _really_ smooth upgrades."

I think release cycles is one of the problems we're trying to solve...

> One drawback of this structure is that it spreads people very thinly,
> and some packages depend on other parts of the system in ways that are
> difficult to quantify, much less express.  However, if we have a huge
> number of people, this may be a better way to allocate them than to
> throw a team of 500 people at a single release date.

If everyone work in groups I think it's very possible to have quicker release

> Suppose the GNOME package maintainers split off from Debian, set up their
> own Debian-like infrastructure, ran their own FTP site mirrors, etc,
> set their own release schedule, and just built new packages on top of
> Debian releases whenever they come out.  I don't recall reading anything

IMHO it would be better to have a GNOME group _inside_ Debian that only worry
about GNOME, they'll be able to provide the latest GNOME packages all the
time, for stable even. At the moment everyone works alone on their GNOME
packages so it's not as easy to have the latest GNOME packages for stable and

> It would seem to me that if it's really advantageous to do this, people
> could be doing it already.  People do make things like kernel images
> and new XFree86 releases available via apt-able URL's.

It's great to update like this, but IMHO I think you should at least get stuff
like GNOME and X with Debian.

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