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Re: Netscape Bus error : a track ?

On Thu 02 Sep 1999, Thierry LARONDE wrote:

> So I have strace[d] the two versions and found what was different : I had installed the plugger package on the box where Navigator crashes, and in order to load "/usr/lib/netscape/plugins/pluger.so", Navigator opens "libc.so.6" which is, actually, a *libc6* library ( found with ldconfig -p), opens the file of the dynamic loader "ld-linux.so.2" ( is the .2 the sign that's the libc6 ELF version ?), maps it and finally crashes when trying to access the memory, with a segmentation fault traduced in a "bus error".

It looks to me that the plugin is linked against libc6, hence it tries
to load libc6 as well. Ensure that the plugin uses the same libc as
netscape itself!

PS: don't use such long lines.

Paul Slootman
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