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Re: Feaping Creature-ism in core Debian Packages

Steve Greenland wrote:
> Because then fixing/changing/updating the helper program doesn't do
> likewise to the rules file. It's the same reason that you make a
> subroutine for anything you do more than once -- maintenance is made
> much easier (Yeah, I realize the situations are not 100% analogous --
> it's more like shared libraries vs. static libs.)

Actually, the best analogy is with autoconf and configure.in and configure
scripts. Debhelper could work that way. I just think configure scripts are
the ugliest thing on earth, and I'm not interested in doing such a thing for

> FWIW, I'm strongly considering ripping all the debhelper stuff out of
> my rules files, for some of the reasons you mention in a later posting:
> lack of control and complete understanding of what it's doing.

DH_VERBOSE is your friend.

see shy jo

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