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Re: Feaping Creature-ism in core Debian Packages


I've run through this thread and now I have an idea about this
lpr/lprng problem. Someone suggested that dpkg should have an option
to check if a package is installed. It's slow with the current status
database, and would increase boot-up time if used by many packages. 
Why not create a /var/state/packages (or similar) directory, touch
files there at package installation, and delete them at removal
(they're not conffiles). Such a file's existence could be checked in
no time to make sure we're not in a lonely initscript but have the
package installed as well. This could be 'policy' (no, I don't
necessarily mean Debian Policy) for all packages, or just those with
this type of collision.


..all in all it's just another rule in the firewall. 

                                         /Ping Flood/

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