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Re: Adam Di Carlo vs debmake

>>"Santiago" == Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:

 Santiago> Policy has not always been clear about conffiles vs configuration
 Santiago> files. Fortunately this is expected to improve some day.

        Policy, and dpkg, have always been very clear about what makes
 someting a conffile. (Configuration files are another matter, but the
 policy in question is aboput conffiles).

        `conffiles' are files which are (a) included in the `filesystem
 tree' part of a .deb file and (b) listed in the `conffiles' file in
 the control area part.  These are treated specially by dpkg (see the
 programmers' manual or whatever it is nowadays for details); broadly
 speaking the effect is that if only one out of the package maintainer
 or the sysadmin changes the file then the changes will be honoured
 whoever produced them, but if both do the sysadmin is prompted and
 has to fix it themselves.  dpkg will take care of not overwriting the
 sysadmin's changes, and will remove the file automatically on purge.

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