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Problem with netstd.deb in binary-i386 archive

First: if you haven't been bit yet, go put netstd on Hold on your potato

It looks like (maybe) an autobuild daemon picked up a bad copy of
netstd and built and uploaded it to for i386. Jim Pick had done an ARM
only NMU in July, but that was out-of-date wrt the updates in slink.
Additionally, none of the netstd*.debs appear to recognize that the
telnetd entry in inetd.conf doesn't belong to it anymore.

What happens during the postinst is that you get asked about the telentd
entry, and answer either yes or no leads to a broken install. As it
doesn't actually *break* anything, it's more of annoyance than a real 
problem, but it makes apt unhappy, you betcha. You can't even put it
on hold in dselect, because of the netbase/netstd interaction. 

My solution was this: grab the -7slink3 revision out of slink and dpkg
--install it -- it will fail too, but at least you're back to the
updated binaries (this may not be necessary, but I felt better). Then I
edited /var/lib/dpkg/status to clean up the status entries for netstd,
and removed the "config version" line (everybody cheer three times for
IanJ's insistence that the dpkg database(s) be ascii!).

All said, it's not a disaster, but I think the archive needs to be fixed
-- I guess just link back to the latest netstd in slink.

Hope this helps someone,

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