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dinstall functionality

	I'm currently working with a small group to engineer some software
which we intend to distribute within Debians package format, to help in
distributing them we've already setup a web server that can handle the
requests from APT's sources.list properly... Currently I have to move any
upload'd files from the incoming directory to the appropriate directory
by hand and regenerate the Packages and Sources files with dpkg-scan*

	I inquired on #Debian this afternoon and was suggested to post on
here as dinstall is not currently a packaged install... I'm hoping to be
able setup a mechanism much like dinstall handles maintainer uploads but
I really would like to be able do so without re-creating the entire wheel
from square one... 

	I would greatly appreciate if dinstall were available, minus any
Debian "proprietary" code of course, if at possible... If that is not
possible it looks like I have lots of extra coding to begin work on but
figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.. Worst case scenerio is I receive a
'No' to my request...

	Jeremy T. Bouse
	UnderGrid Network Services

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