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Re: Problem with netstd.deb in binary-i386 archive

Steve Greenland wrote:
> What happens during the postinst is that you get asked about the telentd
> entry, and answer either yes or no leads to a broken install. As it
> doesn't actually *break* anything, it's more of annoyance than a real 
> problem, but it makes apt unhappy, you betcha. You can't even put it
> on hold in dselect, because of the netbase/netstd interaction. 

I got bit.  However, what happened was that the first time through the
update I answered no.  This didn't work, and the update was broken.  I
reran update and answered yes.  Everything seems ok now, and dpkg is happy.

The telnetd entry has been changed to:
telnet stream tcp nowait telnetd.telnetd /usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/sbin/in.telnetd

Note the replacement of root by telnetd.telnetd.  I'm not sure what the
effect of this will be. I haven't rebooted (and don't plan to till I'm sure
what the effect will be).
> My solution was this: grab the -7slink3 revision out of slink and dpkg
> --install it -- it will fail too, but at least you're back to the
> updated binaries (this may not be necessary, but I felt better). Then I
> edited /var/lib/dpkg/status to clean up the status entries for netstd,
> and removed the "config version" line (everybody cheer three times for
> IanJ's insistence that the dpkg database(s) be ascii!).

I may do this also.  But what would be wrong with simply editing inetd.conf
by hand?

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