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Why no TclX 8.0?

It seems strange that fairly useful Tcl extension TclX (Extended Tcl)
is not included in Debian distribution. There is outdated TclX7.6 in 
the oldlibs section, but there is no TclX8.0 which matches currently
shipped version of Tcl (8.0.5).

Does it mean that just nobody want to maintain it? Or it is  a decision
to deprecate Tcl as general purpose scripting language in favor of Perl
and Python?

Without TclX which contain most Unix-specific things, Tcl is not so useful
for system administration scripts. 

If it is not decision, I'm willing to maintain it. But, I've not yet
applied as Debian developer, so, even if I would apply immediately, my
application probably would not pass before feature-freeze of potato.

So, I would ask someone, who already have maintainer status, to get
packaged TclX 8.0.4 from my ftp site and rebuild it under potato.

Location: ftp://ftp.ice.ru/pub/vitus/debian/source/tclx8.0*
Current binary version, available on the same site are build on slink
using modified tk (with dash patch) available there. This modifications
shouldn't affect building, but could affect binary compatibility.  
Victor Wagner			vitus@ice.ru
Programmer			Office:7-(095)-203-51-19
Institute for Commerce 		Home: 7-(095)-135-46-61
Engineering                     http://www.ice.ru/~vitus

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