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Re: this all this xxx-jp nonsense (was: Re: ITP: grep-ja)

Ryuichi Arafune <arafune@debian.org> writes:

>  I dont think so.  I believe the best way is "Debian goes international".

Yes as opposed to "Debian goes Japan/China/Russia/Denmark/Whatever"

*-ja should at most be a temporary solution. Forking without trying to
merge isn't a sign of temporary solutions. Personally I would take a
very long look at internatonalization patches[0] and with my schedule
that could take a month.

0) What works should continue to work for the benefit of the present

I congratulate you. Happy goldfish bowl to you, to me, to everyone,
and may each of you fry in hell forever. 
                                    -- Isaac Asimov, "The Dead Past"

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