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Re: Why no TclX 8.0?

On Wed, Sep 01, 1999 at 01:11:28PM +0400, Victor Wagner wrote:
> It seems strange that fairly useful Tcl extension TclX (Extended Tcl)
> is not included in Debian distribution. There is outdated TclX7.6 in 
> the oldlibs section, but there is no TclX8.0 which matches currently
> shipped version of Tcl (8.0.5).
> Does it mean that just nobody want to maintain it? Or it is  a decision
> to deprecate Tcl as general purpose scripting language in favor of Perl
> and Python?

The former.

> Without TclX which contain most Unix-specific things, Tcl is not so useful
> for system administration scripts. 
> If it is not decision, I'm willing to maintain it. But, I've not yet
> applied as Debian developer, so, even if I would apply immediately, my
> application probably would not pass before feature-freeze of potato.

Go for it.

> So, I would ask someone, who already have maintainer status, to get
> packaged TclX 8.0.4 from my ftp site and rebuild it under potato.
> Location: ftp://ftp.ice.ru/pub/vitus/debian/source/tclx8.0*
> Current binary version, available on the same site are build on slink
> using modified tk (with dash patch) available there. This modifications
> shouldn't affect building, but could affect binary compatibility.  

I'll try to take a look at it, but no promises.

David Engel

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