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Re: about update of jvim

In <19990901052944B.xlj06203@xlj06203.nifty.ne.jp> (Sep.01 1999 05:43 JST),
``[debian-devel:10205] about update of jvim'',
xlj06203@nifty.ne.jp says:
=   The developer (previous maintainer for JP Package) inform me
=   that newer jvim (3.0-1.7) package is located ad:
=        http://www.sandalwood.net/~terubou/linux/deb/

I've been reading Tuchida san's patch, that is,

=   What is your opinion ? Can I upload this newer jvim, or I should 
=   not update the current jvim package in Debian.

Some piece of the patch kills Vim3.0's feature.  For instance, we
can not use any digraphs with the Kanji-support.  So, JVim3.0-1.7
is not just upper-compatible version of Vim3.0.

I used to use the ``line-graphics'' feature of JVim very comfortably
with my writing work because I could use Keisen-charactors of JIS with
that feature.  I suppose that Vim doesn't have the feature like that,
even Vim5.x (but I am not sure, might be wrong...)

If you, either Sano san or Terubou san, can merge the patch into the
newest Vim without hard work, it would be the best way.  If not, I
wish the newest JVim would come with the Potato ;-)

=   Thanks.


Ken Nakagaki

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