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Re: A [partial] alternative to animated GIf ( was UNISYS latest licence nonsense)

Thierry LARONDE <thierry.laronde@polynum.com> writes:

> Of course, but what I mean is that you can do animations from a
> *single* file : there is no need to send a ton of requests.  The
> technique is also useful, for example when you want to put buttons
> for the navigation : if you want to simulate the ON, and CLICK
> events, you need to download different images. This is very
> slow. Here, you can create, in a *unique* and *small* file basic
> images that are good enough.  I'm writing a small JavaScript
> "library" with functions to rotate, mirror, negativize or buttonize
> a single image described in an ascii format ( with "RLE" basic
> compression).

How do you actually create an image from a set of data in a
Javascript? Does it work on all Browsers?

> In order for the people interested in this, I will translate the
> explanations ( my english is not great, but obviously more easy to
> understand for a lot of people than the single french version).

Great, I don't know any french.

May the Sourcebe with you.

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