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Re: itp: static bins / resolving static debian issues

On Thu, Aug 19, 1999 at 09:37:24AM +0200, Ruud de Rooij wrote:
> If you want to be able to log in as root while the system is up but
> has a broken libc, then you need a static init, getty, and login, as
> well.  And inetd and telnetd or sshd if you want to do it remotely.
> And so on...

Err, no you don't. sshd is generally running, so it only needs to be able
to login. So, something like either:

	$ ssh -t user@machine su-static -
	Password: <root password>
	Stand-alone shell (version 2.1)
	> _

if you don't allow root logins, and have a statically linked su available,

	$ ssh root@machine
	Stand-alone shell (version 2.1)
	> _

if you do allow direct remote root logins.

Usually, though, you'll already have a prompt, at which you've just typed
"rm -rf /tmp/ *" or something similar.

I'm not sure how necessary a static su is --- you might be able to just
fiddle with LD_LIBRARY_PATH and some local symlinks to get su working.


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