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Re: question about version numbers

Santiago Vila writes:
> On Sun, 15 Aug 1999, Richard Kettlewell wrote:

>> Do there exist any packages where there are multiple versions with
>> different epochs but the same version-revision pair?
> I don't know if there exist, but I don't see any technical reason
> why this may not be possible,

There is no technical reason at present; if there were a sufficient
technical reason (see debian-dpkg...) then presumably the rules
regarding epochs would be amended.

Any cases where there were two epochs in which the same
version-revision pair occurred could surely be fixed by increasing the
revision number in the later epoch.

> considering that there already exist some packages with different
> version numbers for each binary package (see bash for an example).

I don't follow you here; perhaps I'm missing something obvious.  Can
you be clearer?


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