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Re: NO! (Was: Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer)

On Mon, Aug 16, 1999 at 07:58:26PM -0700, Jonathan Walther wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, Marc A. Volovic wrote:
> > has 512MB swap and I think I overdid. My rule of thumb is 2*RAM up to 64M,
> > 1.5*RAM up to 128M and =RAM thereafter.
> I just give it 128M across the board.  Simple, consistent, and a nice even
> number.

It is acceptable for most cases. Not always. A few of our machines are
number crunchers and those NEED 512MB-1G swap.

> > It is here that I disagree with you most strongly. With IMAP and POP3 (Keep
> > mail on server options), and with any more than 2 users, 128MB is not
> > enough. Under Debian, it is even worse than not enough - I can leave you
> > with mail down. 256MB is the very least for a 5 user system. You can
> You must, or Debian must, be doing something seriously wrong then.  My
> company does mail for 100 users, and we don't need more than 90 megs in var.
> And you know what?  When it fills up, thats our sign that someone is trying
> to spam or mailbomb us.  It works really reliably.

Well, Debian uses /var/cache/apt for volatile files during package update
(i.e. .deb files are put there)...
> If you want pop mail to be kept on server, I recommend a separate harddrive
> for mail, instead of just partitioning.  Ditto for INN.  Drives are cheap
> these days.  You want an 4.3G hd, brand new, direct from factory?  I'll get
> it for you at $77 through my company.  Stop by and pick it up, or I'll
> charge you cost of shipping.  There is no excuse.

Errrrm... I am NOT using a disk or a partition. Well, a partition, yes.
The sda disk is the current system disk with /var/spool/mail soon to be
moved to what is now /home/spare... It is a very nice RAID box ;-).

crick:~> df
Filesystem         1024-blocks  Used Available Capacity Mounted on
/dev/sda1             495666   13028   457039      3%   /
/dev/sda2            1981249  312123  1566726     17%   /usr
/dev/sda3             991124  678475   261449     72%   /var
/dev/sdc1            34108086      13  33391254      0%   /u1
/dev/sdc2            4950080      13  4847573      0%   /u2
/dev/sdc3            4950080      13  4847573      0%   /u3
/dev/sdc5            9867356 4369491  5293037     45%   /home/share
/dev/sdc6            14769572 10122728  4339522     70%   /home/fdb
/dev/sdc7            14769572 12378998  2083252     86%   /home/users
/dev/sdc8            2454847      13  2404070      0%   /home/spare
prima:/prima3        8359924 4125656  4234268     49%   /prima3
> > live pretty well with 1G for up to 50 users. I now regularly make it 
> > 2G for all my clients except one, who has 3G. This, of course, goes for
> > the primary mail server.


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