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Re: NO! (Was: Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer)

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, Marc A. Volovic wrote:
> has 512MB swap and I think I overdid. My rule of thumb is 2*RAM up to 64M,
> 1.5*RAM up to 128M and =RAM thereafter.

I just give it 128M across the board.  Simple, consistent, and a nice even

> It is here that I disagree with you most strongly. With IMAP and POP3 (Keep
> mail on server options), and with any more than 2 users, 128MB is not
> enough. Under Debian, it is even worse than not enough - I can leave you
> with mail down. 256MB is the very least for a 5 user system. You can

You must, or Debian must, be doing something seriously wrong then.  My
company does mail for 100 users, and we don't need more than 90 megs in var.
And you know what?  When it fills up, thats our sign that someone is trying
to spam or mailbomb us.  It works really reliably.

If you want pop mail to be kept on server, I recommend a separate harddrive
for mail, instead of just partitioning.  Ditto for INN.  Drives are cheap
these days.  You want an 4.3G hd, brand new, direct from factory?  I'll get
it for you at $77 through my company.  Stop by and pick it up, or I'll
charge you cost of shipping.  There is no excuse.

> live pretty well with 1G for up to 50 users. I now regularly make it 
> 2G for all my clients except one, who has 3G. This, of course, goes for
> the primary mail server.

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