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Re: NO! (Was: Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer)

On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Jonathan Walther wrote:

> No, no, NO!  What you show is better than what your typical linux newbie
> chooses (ie, one huge / partition), but the correct way, as has been found
> over 20 years of experience, is this:
> /    -- 60M is traditional.  To be safe, 128M, drives are big enough.
> swap -- double your ram.  I just give it 128M no matter what.
> /var -- 128M.  If you run INN, it should have its own separate partition.
> /usr -- all the rest
> /home is a symlink to /usr/home

Hmmm... it looks *entirely* different if you're running production SMTP
gateways, routers, or web servers, which do not have users.  Having /usr
as a separate partition is of little use, because it changes only very
little, and that during installs when an admin is present.  Debian creates
a lot of traffic in /var, and so does sendmail, Apache, and anything that
logs via syslog.  Print spoolers fall into this category too.  For a
production system without any users, I use: 

/ 300MB (remember, it has /usr under it too)  
swap 2xRAM, or more for small systems (32MB or less)  
/var everything else (600MB for a 1GB disk, of course, who has 1GB disks

If you're going to complile a kernel on that box, you might want some
extra space for /.

I guess that we need to decide on 3 (or more?) different profiles for
the install.

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