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Re: I'd like to coordinate a major update of stable

>>"Joey" == Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

 Joey> The idea is to update more than just the usual security
 Joey> updates, but avoid any new code that hasn't been tested for 2
 Joey> to 4 months already. So this release would include X 3.3.3,
 Joey> kernel 2.2.x (where x is probably 7 with security patches),
 Joey> security updates, possibly updated pcmcia drivers, and possibly
 Joey> more (the idea of an updated apt has been bandied about).

        Whatever happened to the idea of having pools of package
 (presented by aj)? The idea was that packages always be uploaded to
 an unstable ``pool'' of packages. After meeting vertain criteria
 (minimuym time in unstable with no bugs, or no important bugs,
 indication from maintainer that they are ready to be moved from the
 unstable ppool), they would be moved to a staging area (that would
 allow packages to be moved only when dependencies are all satisfied).
 Then, packages are moved from the staging area to the stable pool.

        That would give us a continually updates set of stable
 packages (with no, or few,  release critical bugs) that can frozen
 and released at will.

        That would enable us to maintain a release cycle with no

        Another aspect of the proposal was that means that we could
 have two version of a package in stable pool just after uplift of a
 package from the staging area -- so bugs reported quickly would allow
 a  reversal back to unstable (leaving the previous stable version
 still available).

        It was a nice proposal, andI probably have it archived

        Seems liek a better thing to discuss and implement than ad hoc
 re-releases of stable. (;-)

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