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I'd like to coordinate a major update of stable

Wichert, Darren Benham, Joseph Carter, Johnnie Ingham and myself were
talking two days ago at dinner and we all agreed it would be a good thing if
we could make a major new release of stable before potato is frozen. This
might even be called debian 2.2 and potato would then be 2.3 or 3.0.

The idea is to update more than just the usual security updates, but avoid
any new code that hasn't been tested for 2 to 4 months already. So this
release would include X 3.3.3, kernel 2.2.x (where x is probably 7 with
security patches), security updates, possibly updated pcmcia drivers, and
possibly more (the idea of an updated apt has been bandied about). 

This dovetails very nicely with a commitment I have at VA to produce a
similar CD in a few weeks time, and I volenteer to coordinate and work on
this, if Richard is willing to delegate the position of stable release
manager to me. I'm tenatively thinking about having it all ready by the end
of the month, then freezing it and testing it for one month, for a release
at the end of September. This would give the whole version a lifetime of at
least 2 months, minimum, before potato could possibly be released.

A side item:

We continued talking about this and had an idea about the /usr/share/doc
transition. I realize it's a bit late for these with the issue in the
technical committe, but this is a bit different since it's effectively a
non-technical compromise. The idea is this: In this new update to stable,
include updated versions of dwww, doc-base, man, and whatever's necessary to
make documentation located in /usr/share be easily accessable. Then if
someone wants to install a potato package and see docs, we just tell them to
upgrade to this version of stable first.

I think I'm one of the major instigators of the whole /usr/share/doc
concern, and while this idea isn't perfect for me, I think it's a workable
compromise, and I would accept it.

see shy jo

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