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Re: laetos (was ITP: detect (library that provides hardware detection))

> I'm not sure to understand this word (would you say bona fide)

hehe.. yeah bona fide.  (Americans have the worst english)  Means 'real',
'true' etc..   

> We're not any commercial linux distributor, we're only a Free Software
> project. We have no funds so we can't pay any developpers.

I am not suggesting you pay any developers, just making a point that it
would be nice and eventually commercial companies will hire Debian
Developers, as VA did with a few already.

My main point, is that other projects (commercail or free) outside of
Debian should not feel like they cannot be right smack in the middle of
things.  I think it makes more sense for Debian and other projects working
to advance Debian to work as one unit, and not have 'outside' groups.

Debian Developers can learn a lot about what is needed to make Debian more
commercailly viable, and Debian Developers can offer a lot of insight to
this development model. which many don't understand.


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