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Re: For the Abolishment of "Ports"

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

>>  I agree to that. 'ports' may be seen (and even sounds to me) as
>> the other platforms not being as importantly considered as the
>> ix86.

Ben> I usually stay away from this type of "politically correct" mumbo
Ben> jumbo, but I agree here. Most of the software isn't really ported
Ben> anymore anyway, it's just recompiled.

        Somebody's commented ?BSD uses the term port. It's a choice,
but I _personally_ think, as Ben, it's more like politically correct
(though I hate to be politically correct these days ... :) to say
'platform'. Even, for non-literates, it could be easier to get (port?
was that? isn't it where ships dock? :] )

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