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Re: Unsupported Debian [was: Re: [New maintainer] Working for De

Nathaniel Smith wrote:
> This is a difficult problem, because it generally requires developers to have
> multiple boxes, because packages compiled on potato don't work on slink.
> It will get better when you can do apt-get -b source in stable, but apt-get
> source needs a few more features before this is really all there for this
> sort of use (ie, an option to install after the build, to automatically
> check some packages for updated versions, etc.).  The bigger problem, though,
> is that dpkg-buildpackage doesn't always work -- though the recent proposal
> regarding source dependencies may help with this as well.  Regardless,
> this seems a much more useful area to work on than on trying to create a
> new semi-stable archive that most developers can't/won't create packages for.
I appreciate this proposal. A semi-stable distribution would not help
Debian (it gets just too confusing). How far is apt-get usable in slink


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