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Re: Unsupported Debian [was: Re: [New maintainer] Working for De

On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, Alex Shnitman wrote:

> I second the idea of a semi-stable distribution. This is a great
> solution for potato-packages-needed-for-slink such as X, new Gnome and
> so on.
Yes, please!  This is urgently needed!
My number one frustrations with Debian is that it seems to forget about
the users.  People who need to run a Debian "stable" and who on the other
hand want to run more current package versions than the by now (almost)
ancient ones offered within "stable", but who definitely can't afford the
inherent risk connected with a switch to "unstable" do actually exist.  
What i'm missing *most* from Debian is a continous update of the released
"stable" tree with more current versions of various packages (e.g. i
really do miss the most recent teTeX-1.0x for "stable").

The raison d'etre of a great distribution like Debian can't only be it's
development as main focus.  Users like me (i feel more like a user than a
developer) don't need tommorrow's solutions for today's needs.

                                Thank you, P. *8^)
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