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Re: ITP: OO-browser [was Re: I propose some new packages]

Anthony Wong <ypwong@cse.cuhk.edu.hk> writes:
> Their software is really very cool. I find that their OO-browser is
> very suitable to my need as I'm desperately finding a free class
> browser for my Java project. I hope I can package it ASAP.

Debian is such a great Linux distribution that I have sworn a solemn
pledge that as soon as I find a piece of software that I want to use
under Linux that isn't already packaged, I will package it.

I want to use OO-Browser. So if you don't package it, I will.

In fact, I will package it anyway, just for the educational value in
doing so. If you would rather have your version be the one that goes
into the distribution, that's fine with me. If you would just as soon
let me do all the work, that's fine with me too.
I get my monkeys for nothing and my chimps for free.

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