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Re: Unsupported Debian [was: Re: [New maintainer] Working for De

On Thursday 5 August 1999, at 21 h 25, the keyboard of Alex Shnitman 
<alexsh@hectic.net> wrote:

> main point in my humble Debian advocacy writeup
> (http://alexsh.hectic.net/debian.html) 

I wasn't aware of it, but the server timeouts (traceroute timeouts somewhere 
in Israel at the present time).

> will do more damage than good, since it's a slippery slope. IMHO it's
> better not to have some packages at all, or maybe do have them a
> little later through Raphael's sponsors idea, 

Remember that my list <http://www.internatif.org/bortzmeyer/debian/apt-sources/
> is not only for new developers whose application stalls without 
explanations. It is used by regular developers who want to experiment, too.

> the former, I'm afraid that more and more people will start doing it,
> and we will end up with a non-commercial version of Red Hat that
> happens to use dpkg instead of RPM.

Debian is not only about quality. It's also about freedom. Simply being free 
would already be very good.

> Someone from the new-maintainer team, or the project leader, is
> probably reading these lines. If you do, please, can you step out of
> the shade and explain the situation? 

The whole problem came out from the lack of official statements from the new-maintainer team. That's why some people still says, despite the evidence, that new maintainer processing keeps going on.

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