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Re: ITP: libnet-ssleay-perl, webmin

On Tuesday 3 August 1999, at 16 h 53, the keyboard of Gergely Madarasz 
<gorgo@caesar.elte.hu> wrote:

> So it is something like linuxconf, though it seems much less intrusive,
> and with a much nicer user interface. 


> It has a problematic licence,
> actually no formal licence written, just the following several lines on
> the website: 
> I've contacted the author about this licence problem, I'll try to convince
> him to switch to a DFSG-compliant licence. Until then I won't package it.

I already announced an intent to package, but did not work much on it. So, if someone more courageous wants to take it... In the mean time, I got a clearance from the author (Webmin is so non-free that Debian needs a special authorization to be distributed).

PS: a free alternative to Webmin (no, no Linuxconf, no) would be appreciated.

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