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unstrip, debug infos for packages

I allways find it anoying that debian binaries don't carry debug
information. I know that most people don't need them and that they are
realy big, so including them on a general basis even for potato is out 
of the question.

What I thought of now might be a good idea:
The strip binray could be patched, so that it extracts the debug info
and saves it into another file (<bin>.dbg or so). The striped binary
and that debug info dogether could then be used to reconstruct the
unstriped bins with an unstrip program. The debian packages would be
left unchanged, but additionally for each package there could be a
<package>-dbg.deb package that unstrips the relevant binaries during

That way people needing the debug infos can download them and don't
have to recompile the package themself.

What do you think?

May the Source be with you.

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