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Re: Too much is too much: One month in Incoming

On Tuesday 3 August 1999, at 13 h 17, the keyboard of Thomas Quinot 
<thomas@debian.org> wrote:

> gch has been waiting in Incoming since June 27 and is still waiting, with
> zero feedback besides the automated upload ack.

Same thing for many of my packages. Three of them were installed a few days 
ago and I thought it mean that "override" is maintained again but it doesn't 
seem so.

If we rely on the date of the '.dsc' (it is not perfectly reliable, but it is 
probably close from the truth), the worst cases are:

kinput2     : June 20 (forty-three days)
tipa-type1  : June 21
dbskkd-cdb  : June 22
fonty       : June 22

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