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Re: Potato, Kernel 2.2 -> 2.4

Kenneth Scharf <scharkalvin@yahoo.com> writes:

> I know I'm risking being flamed with this, so let me first say that I
> know that Debian does a very good job at putting out the highest
> quality linux distro there is (that's why I use it).  From my reading
> of the Linux news sites, it appears quite likely that by the time
> Potato is released (or very shortly after) the 2.4 series kernel will
> be out, and debian will be behind the power curve again, with all the
> other distros out with a 2.4 version.

Whats the problem? Grab the kernel package, compile, install,
work. 2.2.x kernels work fine with slink and 2.4.x should work with
slink and potato without problems.

> Is there anyway to put out a kernel upgrade package which contains ONLY
> the packages needed to upgrade to a new kernel (IE: everything that the
> new kernel 'breaks') plus the needed build and configure scripts.  This
> would not be a complete distro, just a 'system' upgrade.  

The kernel package should be enough or the kernel sources alone. Apart 
from that I think "potato-updates-<arch>" will do what you want.

> I have wanted to try the 2.2 series myself (I won't until the official
> 2.2.11 comes out with the file corruption fix finally in).  I am afread
> to do this on top of slink because I don't want to break anything. 

I'm using 2.2.x for quite some time on slink, which I have to use
because of staroffice.

> There have been some HowTo's on what the 2.2 series changes over the
> 2.0 series, but I would feel better with an offical Debian approved
> kernel upgrade method.  In light of the proposed rapid development of
> the 2.3-2.4 series kernel such an upgrade should be kept on the back
> burner for potato (to avoid the snickers from the RedHat/SuSe/Caldera
> crowd.)

May the Source be with you.

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