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Re: perl stuff still broke in potato

Le Sun, Aug 01, 1999 at 04:50:53PM -0500, wingman@nospam.synergy.linux-help.org écrivait:
> Figured I post to see if anyone has any idea when all these packages in
> potato that use or depend on perl will be updated. To date that means 56+
> packages on my system alone are in a state of hold waiting for the updates
> for over 30 days now. I know its unstable and I expect this type of thing
> and am in the process of redoing all the effected myself. But what I don't
> understand is the time period to fix them and the talk of rushing potato to
> be frozen/released for some kind of trade show in sept. while this type of 
> thing exists in it now and here we are at august 1st.

This is not possible unless you use a non-i386 system. I heard that the
Sparc Port has many packages to recompile ...

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