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Re: libc6 has no sources??

On Sat, Jul 31, 1999 at 03:44:10PM -0400, Elie Rosenblum was heard to say:
> >   at which point I thought, "eh?"  I then went to packages.debian.org/libc6
> > and noticed that it reported 'no sources found'.  Directly accessing the archive
> > via ftp confirms that, in fact, there are no libc sources available in
> > dists/unstable/main/source/base.  However, there *is* a source package available
> > in dists/unstable/main/source/libs!  Whose bug is this?  libc6? ftp.debian.org?
> > Someone else? :)
> There's no bug there - the libc6 packages are all created by the 'glibc'
> source package, which resides, as it should, in source/libs.

  I think that there is a bug.  Although the glibc source package resides in
a logical location in the archive, the standard methods of finding source
packages don't work: it isn't locatable by apt-get source and
packages.debian.org claims the sources are missing.  There's obviously a reason
that the package is in source/libs rather than source/base but everything
shouldn't break when I try to look for it.


  You will soon forget this.

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