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Re: xtux (was: ITP: xtux, bmud, koth)

On Fri, Jul 30, 1999, Andreas Tille wrote:
> You shouldn't mind about that.  If it's original name is xtux,
> stay with it.  The xtux in the xteddy package was created by
> me as symlink to xteddy which displays in this case the tux
> puppet.  It's more than easy to rename it to xtuxxy or whatever
> you want.  I have just to rename the pixmap and don't have
> to ask any author (except from myself ;-) ).
> Just tell me, if you need the name.

Okay, I think I'll call the game's binary xtux, it makes more sense.

How shall we do that ? I suppose making xtux conflict with
xteddy (<= 2.0-5) is enough, but I might miss some point.

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