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Re: xtux (was: ITP: xtux, bmud, koth)

On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, Samuel Hocevar wrote:

> Thanks for pointing that to me. I'll ask the author if he agrees
> on XTux or x-tux.
> Is the policy against having a program called xtux and another
> called XTux ?
You shouldn't mind about that.  If it's original name is xtux,
stay with it.  The xtux in the xteddy package was created by
me as symlink to xteddy which displays in this case the tux
puppet.  It's more than easy to rename it to xtuxxy or whatever
you want.  I have just to rename the pixmap and don't have
to ask any author (except from myself ;-) ).

Just tell me, if you need the name.

Kind regards


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