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Re: ITR: Leaving the Debian project

On Friday 30 July 1999, at 2 h 18, the keyboard of Leon Breedt 
<leon@obsidian.co.za> wrote:

> Having not seen this done before, I do not know the procedure,

Debian Developer's Reference - Chapter 3
Maintaining Your Debian Information 

3.2 Retiring Gracefully 

If you choose to leave the Debian project, you should make sure you do the 
following steps:

  1.Orphan all your packages, as described in Orphaning a package, Section 

  2.Send an email about how you are leaving the project to 

  3.Notify the Debian key ring maintainers that you are leaving by emailing to

> - Turnaround time on projects is very very slow.  A lot of 
> - I cannot handle the increasingly bureacratic nature of

These problems are common in any cooperative organization. If, after you 
retire, you try to set up an alternative organization to produce another 
operating system, you will find them as well. Unless you have a silver bullet 

> So, I'll be switching to another distribution that meets
> my needs more satisfactorily and doesn't alienate its
> developers.

I've heard that FreeBSD is cool :-)
> Packages orphaned by this decision:
>     curl

It seems "wget" do the same (except the SSL protocol, may be).

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