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ITR: Leaving the Debian project

I announce my Intent to Resign.  

I will no longer be maintaining my packages, and will
probably not require my developer's account and email
address.  Neither will I be needing my .debian.net vanity


- Turnaround time on projects is very very slow.  A lot of 
  people have good ideas, but are intimidated by the amount
  of flames directed at innovation and new ideas.
  Much of these ideas then remain vapourware or pie-in-the-sky.

- I cannot handle the increasingly bureacratic nature of
  Debian.  In my opinion, too much time is spent in 
  "deciding to decide".

- Us vs the rest of the world attitude sucks.

So, I'll be switching to another distribution that meets
my needs more satisfactorily and doesn't alienate its

Packages orphaned by this decision:


Should you wish to reply, please cc me, as I am no longer
subscribed to -devel.

Having not seen this done before, I do not know the procedure,
but wish to be taken off of all relevant developer-only lists.

Leon (a.k.a Isildur on OPN irc)

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