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Re: Policy for default mount points?

Just a note: I prefer mounting under /mnt and providing symlinks when

As for group projects, the little experience I've had with it, I've put
under /usr/local/projects, and created directories/groups as necessary.

I prefer /var for system-wide, admin or daemon changed data (ie, /var/log
and /var/www).

Overall, though, I do have to commend the debian file distribution, its
amazingly self-consistent, I rarely have problems finding anything (on
Red Hat systems I have a devil of a time finding anything)

The big solaris boxen up here at the school do use a /project directory,
tho (then again, they use /www, /export, /ftp, /public, and about a dozen
other directories that I find unnecessary to have in the root directory)


> A query: where do people do real work on their Debian systems?
> For any group projects, it's ugly to work in someone's home directory.
> The FHS doesn't suggest a good place. At one of my jobs (a very small
> company) we have a directory in /usr/local, but we do all our work off
> on private machines and just use that place for transfer. At my other job
> (a big company) we have a new top level directory, which I think is the
> only really practical way to do it.
> Hamish
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> Hamish Moffatt VK3SB (ex-VK3TYD). 
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