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Unsupported Debian [was: Re: [New maintainer] Working for Debian and becoming a registered Debian developer]

Great thread "[New maintainer] Working for Debian and becoming a
registered Debian developer". I read it message by message.

I'm not a debian developer but sometimes I do my packages for my own use
only. Nor I'm a great developer and I don't even understand a small part
of all tracked bugs.

                       o        o        o

What about a "network" of unsupported developers?

I do a packet for mine and I put it on the net. Who needs it can take

No warranty for anything. Debian has not even to care about this 
"undeground movement". Who wants, at is own risk, takes unsupported
packages and (potentially) compromises her own system.

Official packets came from Debian Developers, unsupported packages came
from NOBODY. no pgp, no auth, no account, no support, no @debian.org.

"Mantainers" are who they say to be. If you find a bug try to contact
the package "mantainer". If he helps you, you are fine, if not you
shouldn't have been installing unsupported packages. :) 

To be clear: I'd like to be a debian developer and I hope to be able to
help a little bug resolving sooner or later. I wish to be a "good"
debian devel and I'll try to do good jobs. Time is not a matter, hq work
is. Meanwhile...

                       o        o        o

I mean this a serious issue. Maybe it doesn't help debian developing but
surely helps who is lookig for a package not (yet) supported by debian
and, even more, who can't or doesn't want stay looking her "not
official" packets waiting for a clearance.

Who wants to be a debian developer can not bypass actual "examination".

All that above is my idea/opinion, everybody is welcome to discuss it.

Thanks for your attention

Best regards
Domenico Andreoli

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