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Re: Is there a Open Source Windows Software Archive? (relates to Debian)

On Wed, Jul 28, 1999 at 09:33:59AM -0700, Andrew Lynch wrote:
> If such an archive exists, I would like it to be
> similar in nature to the Debian Linux package
> collection.  I am a Linux (Debian) user, however, I
> also use Windows at work, etc.  It would be nice to
> have a source of true Open Source software for Windows
> to "wean" off of the closed software so prevalent
> there.

Your best bet is to join the debian-win32 mailing list and join their
development. As soon as debian-win32 starts to do commit packages to teh ftp
archive, truly free Windows only software can be packages for Debian and

Architecture: win32

to prevent other ports of Debian trying to build it.

It's all there, you just have to spend a lot of work on it.
> www.Cygnus.com does make some Open Source software
> work in a "un*x-like" environment but thats not what I
> am searching for.

You will need it at least as a base. Remember, dpkg has to work.

> Cygwin is basically a Windows
> version of a linux/un*x environment.
> My goal is to identify unique Windows Open Source
> software for porting to Linux using Open Source
> (BSD/GNU) licensed porting tools like WINE, Twin, and
> TWINE.  

Oh. That's a different matter. Should have read this paragraph first. Still
I think, the above steps should come first. Porting them to TWINE or
whatever would be a second step, IMHO. The usability would not be as big,
though, because of the inherent incompatibilities of Unix and Windows
software (think only of file formats for example).

> I think there is much good Open Source
> software available for Windows, but its trapped there
> because its so hard to port to linux/un*x and the
> general non awareness of licensing issues associated
> with the MS Windows software environment.

I believe there is just about nothing Open Source software available for
Windows. There is a lot of crippled free- and shareware. You MAY be able to
talk with the authors, but I believe you would have to start a new movement
in the windows world. If you can manage that, this would be indeed amazing :)

One reason there is no Free Software movement in the Windows world is that
the system does not ship with a compiler!

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Is this Microsoft or AOL compatible? *laugh*


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