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on debian-win32 (WAS Re: Is there a Open Source Windows Software Archive?)

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>>>>> "Marcus" == Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> writes:

    Marcus> On Wed, Jul 28, 1999 at 09:33:59AM -0700, Andrew Lynch wrote:
    >> If such an archive exists, I would like it to be
    >> similar in nature to the Debian Linux package
    >> collection.  I am a Linux (Debian) user, however, I
    >> also use Windows at work, etc.  It would be nice to
    >> have a source of true Open Source software for Windows
    >> to "wean" off of the closed software so prevalent
    >> there.

Before I start screaming (;-) let me first say that the general idea
(a repository of DFSG-free *native* Windows software) isn't a bad

    Marcus> Your best bet is to join the debian-win32 mailing list and
    Marcus> join their development. As soon as debian-win32 starts to
    Marcus> do commit packages to teh ftp archive, truly free Windows
    Marcus> only software can be packages for Debian and have


This is something that bothers me since I've seen the win32 mailing
list listed in the list of lists (;-)

Porting free apps to Windows (and thus indirectly supporting
M$-stranglehold on the `market') is bad enough.

But using Debian's ftp archives for the purpose of supporting Windows
is really not in Debian's best interest (IMNSHO).  Debian doesn't have
any business supporting non-free OSes (which also includes
debian-solaris or debian-beos, for example).

If anyone wants to supply ftp space *outside* of Debian, he can go
right ahead.  Just don't use Debian's official space for that.  As I
said above, the idea of a DFSG-free Windows-SW repository is a good
one... but only if it stays separate from Debian proper (we have
enough on our hands with the main/contrib/non-free mess :-( ) I'd wish
not to have ported UNIX/Linux apps in there... but that probably won't
happen :-|

(I'd think we might get into trouble with at least some servers if
win32 starts uploading... I for one wouldn't want that stuff on my
system if I were running a mirror)


Bye, J

PS: I find it really hard not to use profanity here... :-(

PPS: Actually, I'm not into wholesale Windows bashing.  There are
quite a number of things on Windows95 that Linux/X is sorely lacking.
But Debian stands for Freedom, and thus *really* has no business with
non-free kernels/OSes.  IMO.

PPPS: I'm not slamming you, Marcus (how could I slam Mr. Hurd ;-), but
frankly, I'm surprised that you of all people mention debian-win32
(and positively even).

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