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ITP: asmutils (and PfP)

I'm packaging asmutils even as we speak.  It's a set of basic utils (34 of
'em) replacing things in util-linux, shellutils, fileutils, and such.  (And
a few odds and ends, like a 757 byte httpd.)  They are designed to be tiny
and quick; they average 313 bytes.  They are completly standalone.  They are
very specific (requiring i386 linux 2.2).  They aren't quite finished being

I'm also looking for sombody to upload this package for me until I become a
Maintainer.  It will be showing up at http://www.rtweb.net/theorb/debian/
when it's done... which might not be tonight as it's 4:12 AM.  I'll let you
guys know.

I'm also looking for sombody to take naim, which is done and at
http://www.rtweb.net/theorb/debian/.  It's a client for AOL's Instant
Messanger (TM) service.  It's all done, and even fully policy 3.0.0
compliant, including /usr/share/doc.  (A nagging feeling tells me that -2
isn't there yet -- if so, please yell at me.)

BTW, it would be wonderful if the packages I'll be optionaly diverting used
alternatives, but it's wildly improbable.

	-=- James Mastros
Another week, another package.

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