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Re: ITP: asmutils (and PfP)

James Mastros <james@rtweb.net> wrote:
> I'm packaging asmutils even as we speak.  It's a set of basic utils (34 of
> 'em) replacing things in util-linux, shellutils, fileutils, and such.  (And
> a few odds and ends, like a 757 byte httpd.)  They are designed to be tiny
> and quick; they average 313 bytes.  They are completly standalone.  They are
> very specific (requiring i386 linux 2.2).  They aren't quite finished being
> packaged.

I thought about packaging asmutils, but I had two small problems. Why? and how
to deal with the stuff it replaces.

> I'm also looking for sombody to upload this package for me until I become a
> Maintainer.  It will be showing up at http://www.rtweb.net/theorb/debian/
> when it's done... which might not be tonight as it's 4:12 AM.  I'll let you
> guys know.

I will have a look at the packages in the morning (GMT). I am interested how
you have dealt with the existing utils.

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