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Re: Why is libgtk1.2-1.2.3-1 bloating dynamically linked binaries (was: Why is libc-2.1.*.so not stripped?)

>>>>> "Nils" == Nils Rennebarth <nils@ipe.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

    Nils> What is wrong with libgtk1.2 that it bloats binaries
    Nils> compiled dynamically against it? The 1.2.3-0.slink1 version
    Nils> does it right. The 1.2.3-1 version bloats the hello world
    Nils> program

Well, they are both compiled exactly identically (the only difference
between 0slink1 and 1 is the version number) so all I can think is
that the compiler/linker is behaving differently between slink and

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