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Status of dpkg - a real maintainer releasae

I've just made an experimental maintainer upload of dpkg to
project/experimental.  Please test it, especially for reappearance of
old bugs.  It is likely that quite a few problems were fixed in the
NMU series but not documented in appropriate places: they'll reappear.

There is at least one known deficiency: i18n support is not yet
integrated.  This will be rectified soon, hopefully.  Also, this
version isn't built against libc 2.1 yet.  I'll do that when I've
downloaded a new version of libc6-dev.

There will be other problems.  Test, and report them !  When I'm
convinced that this version is at least as good as the current NMU
version(s) it will go into unstable.  If you find a bug in 
my experimental version which is not in the NMUs, please say
  Severity: fixed
otherwise I'm likely to miss it.

All my dpkg development will be based on this version, so I'd
appreciate it if any patches you submit are against this one.



This release is the first proper non-NMU of dpkg for some time, and is
not from the NMU series, unlike my last maintainer release of dpkg.
Instead, I have gone through all the changes listed in the BTS as
`fixed' and incorporated a fix for the bug reported - sometimes the
one in the BTS or the NMUs, sometimes another.

I haven't made any radical changes myself - I've just caught up,
pretty much, with the current state of affairs, and reviewed the
changes that have been made.

This release will almost certainly be lacking some features and/or
fixes from the NMU series, but because the diffs are so large I don't
want to eyeball them.  People who do NMUs are _supposed_ to file a bug
report saying what they did, and quite a while ago I asked anyone
working on dpkg to ensure that bug reports they fixed in NMUs were
`Severity: fixed' in the BTS.  This arrangement will continue.

dpkg bugs marked as `forwarded' in the BTS are ones that I believe to
have been fixed in my CVS tree; this is available (read-only) on
cvs.debian.org in dpkg-iwj or some such (sorry, I forget the actual
pathname).  This is synced approximately weekly, and will probably not
be up to date with these latest changes yet.

Thank you for your attention.

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